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Founder Message

Founder's Vision

The pain of the others has always left an ever lasting impact on my mind and soul. I was agitated when I observed a child working in the hotels, or as a Rag Picker or a child searching for food in the litter to eat. But I was unable to work towards the same. When I got my chance to wander in search of the anxieties, the answers to my problem and to.

LAKSHYA was started with the aim of bringing a change in the society through taking the marginalised populace towards development.

We focussed on the most downtrodden sections of the society i.e. Women and the children. Being a woman, I was able to relate with the discrimination faced by them. It is dualistic in character as on hand they face inequities because of their sexual orientation and on the other because of the caste, class, and religion they belong to. Thus, I wanted to make the women of Bihar, economically and socially empowered through income generation, health awareness and rights based approach.

Our main focus is on the future of the nation i.e. the children. Children remain as a silent spectator of the violence and the brutality perpetrated. As rights of the children can be made available to them only when women and youth of the country are aware, it becomes important to involve adolescents and the women of the society in the development model.

I plan and seek for Bihar and further India to be free of illiteracy, unemployment, Child Labour, Child Trafficking, Modern Day Slavery and other evils present in the society. These problems are interrelated and hence we have to uproot all these problems to make Bihar a developed State.

I dream for an environment for girls where they can laugh and play without the fear of any sexual predators pouncing on them, a society where women can speak up against the iniquities present, a world where the word injustice is not present, a universe which is free of Modern Day Slavery especially Child Labour, and a healthy and prosperous atmosphere to live.